Our Story

New Beginnings

The Planning Collective evolved from a desire to move beyond bureaucracy and get back to supporting people to realise the full potential of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Launched in 2018, we are a small organisation hoping to make a big impact. Passionate about learning and sharing information; we aim to deliver expert Support Coordination that empowers participants to confidently manage their NDIS plan. The Planning Collective is a values based organisation. Put simply, this means our behaviour and organisational culture is based on our core values; equity, integrity and quality

Mission Statement

To provide independent information, support and guidance that builds connections and further develops the ability of each person to thrive in the NDIS environment.

Our Values


We believe that everyone deserves equality in status, rights, responsibility and opportunity.


We act with honesty and transparency. Choosing our thoughts and actions based on values, rather than personal gains.


We will seek feedback and continue to evolve; refining our practices to deliver a high quality service.